Hello! My name is Sharon, I’m just a small town midwest girl and I am Mimi. My Mimi moniker came about when my daughter, Angie, had her first son Riley. She said I didn’t look or act like a grandma so she renamed me Mimi for Riley and the twins, Caden and Logan, when they came along 2 years later. Then a few years later, I became Mimi for an entire preschool! Love! They make my heart smile!

I loved my time I worked at the preschool and had my education been in early childhood education instead of business, I would most likely still be there. I was the Mimi who brings my little friends their lunch and snacks, the Mimi who draws boo-boo puppy on their band-aids and the Mimi who pulls ice packs from the freezer and places it on their bumps, the Mimi who gives them a kiss on the forehead and sends them off with their ouchie trophies. It’s a marvelous thing to discover the world through a child’s eyes. My little friends are the reason this site is named Mimi Discovers. They are my inspiration. I will forever treasure them.

I love life! I love discovering new places, new things, and new experiences. I’m passionate about history, culture, traditions, and amazing places. My favorites are roadtrips. It gives me such pleasure to load up my old but ever faithful steed, Acura TL, with my essentials, my travel mug, my snacks, my cameras and maps. I’m probably the only person who gets excited at gassing up their car. All gassed up means go time!

Oh my, the things you can discover by simply making a wrong turn. It’s amazing what you can discover when lost. And small town people are always happy to point out their town’s pride and joy whether it’s a it’s a Superman monument, a gigantic purple spoon or simply the best diner for grabbing a comforting meal or a cup of coffee.

I would like to introduce you to my husband Randy. He is such an awesome guy! Randy is my roadtrip driver, and my level head. I love his nonsensical antics. He is my “Gonzo”. You know, the semi-weirdo muppet of the muppets characters.

Randy discovers from behind the lens of his camera. He sees the moment and can capture it with just the click of the shutter. I am envious of this talent he possesses and would love to have it for myself. We mesh so well, me with the words and him with his camera. Truth be told his photos can tell the story all by themselves. I love his kindness, his intelligence, his patience, and his quirky wit. Quite simply, I love him!


I’m taking this journey to discover simple pleasures to simply amazing. I would love for you to discover with me. Won’t you please join me?

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